ISB is rated as Top 21 International B Schools. With a student population of over 2000 learners, enrolled in both on campus and off campus programs, the school had initially employed Black Board as the LMS.

With the maturing of Open source solutions, the IT Manager at ISB was given a new mandate.


Find an Open Source LMS and and implementation partner with the following objectives:

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Find an LMS platform which can integrate with existing software
  • A development partner with ability to consult, advise and deploy Moodle without reducing the learner and Teacher experience


The team at ACL architected the Moodle base solution with several customisations and Integrations including the following:

  • Custom reports
  • Custom and Responsive Theme
  • Integration with Turnitin
  • Integration with Google Apps

The team at ACL provides, hosting, and service management support to ISB 24/7 which includes, upkeep of records, scheduled back ups, OS maintenance, Performance tuning, and end user support.