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Project Overview

GEORGIA TECH University is the Top 5 Technology Universities of the US. When the university needed to create a new portal for their BME Centre, they chose ACL. The mandate was clear. The client demanded total quality delivery and had some stringent deadlines in place. The site had to be Responsive and use innovation in design to make the site cool and yet functional

With ten years of experience in remote delivery, the team at ACL was well aware that URGENCY does not mean folding the sleeves immediately. We engaged the client initially through a series of interactions to question the goals of the portal and establishing the needs of the end customer. Once done, we created an information architecture with taxonomy and categories, which leveraged the power of Drupal in designing portals with searchable, findable, relevant content. We also established external dependencies and Security obligations to ensure that the delivery plan included adherence to all standards and policies of Georgia Tech University

To save time, we used, the custom front end framework developed by Gatech, and set about building the site to client's taste and requirement. Meeting deadlines meant, freezing expectations, running a parallel QA process and reducing feedback iterations. We used continuous deployment process which gave our client two benefits. First was transparency which overcame the challenges of remote delivery where the client could see the build each day. Second, the client could provide feedback day on day, which ensured that we could quickly accomodate feedback without the need to reengineer components and architecture

We set up a daily and weekly communication rhythm which provided additional windows for interaction and feedback. The PMO at ACL ensured that communication received in US time were always responded to within 4 hours, and ensured that communication never suffered due difference in time zones




We had an excellent work relationship with ACL. The final product was delivered exactly to our specifications. ACL will continue to be our one-stop-shop for anything related to Drupal and our website. I can only recommend their service, quality, and work ethics. Great people. Thanks!

Ferdinand Weps, CEO, Training Aid