Project Description

Teacher's of India is a platform initiated by the Azim Premji Foundation, an India based non-profit that is focused on improving primary education in the country. The platform caters to teachers, teacher educators and others working in education in India. The solution built aims to create a vibrant community of teachers through the sharing of knowledge and experience on a common platform. To this end, it enables crowd-sourcing, curation and aggregation of a wide range of teaching and learning resources available to teachers aimed at enriching their knowledge of subject content and pedagogy, apart from demonstrating new approaches to classroom practice. The platform is available in 5 languages – English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil.

Key Aspects

  • Faceted Search supported by Apache Solr
  • Multilingual Platform with support for 5 Indian languages
  • Multiple Content Management Workflows for curation, editorial review, peer review
  • Custom Dashboard to enable curators, teachers, reviewers, subject matter experts collaborate
  • Performance Optimization