Moodle Consulting

We have the expertise and experience to work with you on your ideas and business goals, and help you plan through every stage of the project

Moodle is a very powerful framework to roll out a full fledged LMS in less time and cost. This is why governments, corporations, publishing houses, and universities around the world bank on Moodle as their chosen LMS platform. Having said so, without the right planning and expertise, you might face many problems costing you money, making you lose time and more importantly your reputation and peace of mind. At ACL, we work with you to unlock the power of Moodle, and more importantly, ensure the best experience possible. To this end, we will work with you on:


We had an excellent work relationship with ACL. The final product was delivered exactly to our specifications. ACL will continue to be our one-stop-shop for anything related to Drupal and our website. I can only recommend their service, quality, and work ethics. Great people. Thanks!


Ferdinand WepsCEO, Training Aid



Moodle Front End Engineering

Because people do judge the book by it's cover.

A successful business requires clean, functional, attractive website, to engage it's audience. Front End Development is crucial to this concept. In an increasingly web based world, the web page of a business is crucial in to create the first impression and the first interaction with the business. Front End engineering is a sum of UI / UX / Interaction / Performance / Visualisation and Security. ACL offers a skill set which is a unique combination of understanding of your business, your clients and technology to provide you with a site which has awesome front end experiences




Moodle Development

We build sites that enable business success by engineering robust, secure, easy to maintain drupal sites. Our People, Process, Dev operations are all focussed to achieve these objectives




Moodle Staff Augmentation

We enable you to set up your Moodle delivery. Be it a short term OR long term engagement, we will provide you with engineering resources to augment your project team with short notice period to join your team and take your project to a success. We can assist you in:

  • Moodle Architects
  • Moodle Project Managers
  • Senior Engineers
  • Junior Engineers
  • Front End Developers
  • Integration Engineers
  • Testing Professionals




Moodle Solutions

MOODLE has evolved into a giant community which has leveraged the core architecture into a variety of distributions with the creation of domain focussed modules. ACL creates domain and function specific solutions based on Moodle



Moodle Maintenance & Hosting

We've carefully tailored our packages to meet a wide range of requirements, hosted with best-in-class data centers. And, we've bundled all the Moodle support you need, under one roof. Every plan comes with a FREE trial period, and if you are not happy with our services within 30 days, we will refund you the full amount, no questions asked. Further, if you find any other provider offering a better comparable package, let us know and we will offer a better one.


  • Development Tickets N.A
  • Content Management Tickets 4
  • Account Manager No
  • Email Response 12 Hours
  • Hosting Shared
  • Storage 5 GB
  • Data Transfer 500 GB
  • Dev Day Discount N.A
  • Phone Consultation N.A


  • Development Tickets 3
  • Content Management Tickets 8
  • Account Manager No
  • Email Response 8 Hours
  • VPS Hosting Single Core
  • Storage 30 GB
  • Data Transfer 1 TB
  • Dev Day Discount 10%
  • Phone Consultation N.A


  • Development Tickets 5
  • Content Management Tickets 16
  • Account Manager Yes
  • Email Response 4 Hours
  • VPS Hosting Single Core
  • Storage 30 GB
  • Data Transfer 1 TB
  • Dev Day Discount 20%
  • Phone Consultation 1 Hour

Additional Notes:

  • Every plan is offered on a minimum 3 month contract period, and in multiples thereof, and invoicing is in advance
  • All plans include weekly back-up (Platinum includes daily back-ups)
  • Periodic Moodle Core updates & security patches is included in all plans
  • Development Tickets are limited to minor tasks (any task that does not exceed 1 hour of effort)
  • Moodle theming, site building, code changes and minor code fixes are classified as Development Tickets
  • Content Management Tickets include content updation, media assets updation, taxonomy management
  • Discount on Dev Day pricing is aimed to ensure that we offer ongoing application support
  • One Dev Day = 8 Hours



Content Management & Curation

Content is key to any business. And, we can make your life easy.

Sans content, even some of the best looking Web experiences make no sense. And, managing content is an ongoing task, if your services and products require you to constantly communicate with your customers. We do have a range of services to support you schedule and manage your content, and leave you with more quality time on your hand to pursue your business goals. We also have an in-house partner studio who could help you with a range of video production services such as explainer videos, product videos, post-production support etc.

Our Capabilities


Front End Engineering

Our skills include HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript coupled with trending JS libraries, grid systems & stylesheet languages like SASS


Moodle Distributions

Payment Gateway Integration

Over the years, we have worked on CC Avenue, Paypal, Paymate integrations and few region specific gateways



We have a best-in-class hosting practice, and a close-knit team for support & maintenance


Maintenance Packages

We also offer 24X7 support for your Moodle site ranging from security and maintenance tasks to code updates and content management


Custom Module Development

We build custom Moodlesites, and if needed, we build custom modules, modify relevant modules to deliver your solution to exacting standards.


Upgradation & Migration

We have proven expertise managing all versions of Moodle and provide services in upgrades and migration projects moving sites based on other LMS platforms to Moodle